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Looking to build your next home? Discover why more and more homeowners are choosing our house frames made from Bluescope's TRUECORE steel.
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Advantages of our Aussie Steel for your next home

We believe the key to a beautifully finished home is the way it starts. More homeowners are choosing Aussie Steel House Frames, manufactured with Bluescope’s TRUECORE steel.




Build with Confidence

Inner strength and durability

A house frame made from our Aussie Steel is strong and durable. They don’t warp, twist, sag or shrink. They are strong and durable but remain up to 60% lighter than timber frames.

Straight and true

Prefabricated and dimensionally accurate, our frames remain straight and true resulting in a beautiful finish. Doors and windows open as they should.


Steel is a non-combustible material, so our steel frames won’t sustain or contribute to the spread of a fire – and it doesn’t ignite. Our steel frames are suitable for construction in all of the Bushfire Attack Levels as identified in the National Construction Code(NCC 2016 BCA).

Healthy Living

A Cleaner Frame

You don’t have to worry about compromising your healthy living environment. While timber frames are susceptible to mould infestation and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s). Our TRUECORE steel frames don’t require additional chemical treatments, don’t support mould growth and don’t emit VOC’s.

100% termite proof

Termites and borers are a problem in Australia, impacting thousands of families. No need to worry about the structure or financial cost of ongoing termite protection on your home, as our steel house frames are 100% termite proof.

Environmentally sustainable

Steel is considered a permanent material as it is 100% recyclable, over and over again. In fact all of our TRUECORE steel frames contain recycled steel. Precision cut frames can lead to less on site wastage, and even then, it’s still all recyclable.




Peace of Mind

Design flexibility

Our house frames have impressive strength-to-weight ratios, allowing you to build and design with flexibility and to keep in touch with modern design trends. From non-conventional roof lines to highly individualised structures, steel provides design freedom to designers and architects.

Manufactured to industry standards

All our steel framing products and solutions are made to relevant Australian standards and tested for quality and consistency. Our TRUECORE® steel meets AS1397:2011 and AS/NZS 1365:1996 for thickness, width, mechanical properties and coating mass.

50 Year Warranty

Eligible residential customers receive BlueScope’s 50 Year Warranty on TRUECORE Steel Products. 50 years is a long time, enough time to ensure your home is future proofed to last the test of time and continue to provide a good return on your investment.

To see how our steel house frames can benefit your next building project, get in touch with our friendly staff today!

Staying Clear of Termites

Termites are a real problem in Australia, they often go undetected as they are concealed while they destroy timber from the inside out. When termites nest, they regularly form a number of nests, which can be up to a radius of 50-plus meters, a termite colony can also consist of over 2.5 Million individual termites!

The University of Western Sydney found that within Australia, 12% of timber frame houses (approx. 1 in 9) suffered termite damage! Meanwhile, there were no incidents of termite damage on steel house frames. Study conducted by the University of Western Sydney and NASH: Report%20-NASH_1296089966.pdf

Did you know Home & Building Insurance policies in Australia generally DO NOT cover damage caused by termites? You should check insurance policy to see if you are covered. – You will probably find this is excluded under damage caused by animals or insects. History shows us too many cases of family homes being destroyed by termites. In fact, that’s why we started building steel house frames 18 years ago.

What if I have termites? The Victorian Building Authority has some information on dealing with termites on their website and encourages you to notify your local council and your neighbours.





Preventing Termites:

The National Construction Code, provides two strategies for termite management:

  • The use of termite resistant materials for the primary structural elements (like Steel Frames)
  • The installation of a chemical or physical barrier system.

The National Construction Code of Australia (NCC) says that steel used as a primary building element i.e. structural component, is a termite resistant material and there are no mandatory termite treatments or inspections required by the NCC for the building.

Termites cannot eat Steel:

All houses are exposed to a level of risk of termites. There is the likelihood termites will enter your home and there are the consequences from their damage while they go undetected.

Reduce Likelihood: Build with Steel – Termites are not attracted to Steel.

Reduce Consequences: Build with Steel – Termites cannot eat Steel.

Take the first and most basic step towards minimising termite risk on your home – reduce the damage termites can inflict and build with Steel.




Myths Busted

Steel Frames are noisy: A correctly installed frame shouldn’t generate noise in a well built and insulated home.

Movement caused by changes in temperature is not an issue in a properly constructed and insulated home. The CSIRO conducted a properly structured study where they surveyed occupants of steel-framed dwellings. They found that “most occupants either reported no sound emitted from the frame, or if they did, said that it constituted no problem”. CSIRO (G A King, Dr. M Ridge and G S Walker – in Building Materials and Equipment, Vol 17 No.1

“thermally induced noise is no more likely with steel framing than homes with frames made from other building materials.” Truecore. 2017. Advantages of True Core Steel for Homeowners. Available at:

Steel Increases the likelihood of electrocution: Steel frames are safe – they are earthed in accordance with Australian Standards

All new homes are required to be fitted with safety switches, also known as RCD (Residual Current Devices) or ELCB (Earth Leakage Circuit Breakers). These switches are designed to prevent death by accidental electrocution, by reducing the possibility of the occupants touching anything live. NCC Clause 3.4.22, Australian Standard AS 3000:2007 Wiring Rules

Light Gauge Steel isn’t strong: The steel is thin for rolling – however it is structurally stronger than timber once rolled and assembled.

TRUECORE Steel frames comply with Australian Standards and have a high strength to weight ratio. People have been building with steel frames successfully for years, and BlueScope even offers a 50 year warranty to eligible residential customers.

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Do steel house frames come with a Warranty?

Yes. Bluescope offers a reassuring 50-year warranty. The warranty is offered to eligible  residential applications and is subject to terms and conditions.

Are steel house frames durable?

Yes, they are. TRUECORE® steel with Activate® technology incorporates a thoroughly tested protective aluminium/zinc/magnesium alloy coating. TRUECORE’s patented Activate® coating technology is an important component of BlueScope products installed across a range of environments and building applications. Where there are cut edges from drilling or cutting operations, the galvanic action of the coating protects the exposed steel edge against corrosion.

Why should I consider a termite proof frame?

Termites are a real problem in Australia, anyone who has dealt with Termites before will understand the devastation they can cause. Damage can often lead to the replacement of the damaged frame and this may not be covered in standard insurance policies. Our Steel frames are 100% termite proof.

What details do I need to send for a quote?

A house plane to scale will provide most of the information required for us to provide a quotation.

What health benefits are there to a steel frame?

Timber house frames are susceptible to mould infestation, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) and internal surface stress fractures. Our TRUECORE steel frames require no additional preservative chemical treatments and don’t support mould growth. Steel frames also don’t give off poisonous gases or emit VOC’s

Do Steel Frames make noise in temperature changes?

A properly installed frame shouldn’t generate noise and in a well-constructed and insulated home, thermally induced noise is no more likely with steel framing than homes with frames made from other building materials.

Have steel frames been proven over time?

Steel framing has been successfully used in housing since the early 1950’s and in recent years has gained in popularity. There are well-known and reputable builders in Australia who recognise the benefits of steel and building steel framed houses.

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