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We manufacture steel frames, flooring and roofing systems for both Residential houses and Commercial buildings. Take a look at what we have to offer.
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Steel wall frames

Each one of our wall frames for every project is individually engineered which gives the homeowner, builder and architect peace of mind. Our steel frames are strong and precise, yet light weight building structures. Steel frames are non-combustible, 100% termite proof and free from chemicals which treated timber may contain.

Industry certified

All our frames meet council and building code requirements and are supplied with this documentation. All of our engineering is backed by one of the largest software and hardware companies in the world, ITW.

Everything included

Each set of frames comes with engineering bracing, fixing supplies and our erection manual. All our frames come with pre-cut service holes, ready for wiring and plumbing.

Strong, straight, precise

Our steel wall frames don’t warp, twist, sag or shrink. They are durable and strong but are still up to 60% lighter than timber frames. Our advanced engineering software allows us to manufacture our frames with the highest level of precision.

Perfect for the job


Specifically designed for your needs


Pre-punched service holes for plumbing and electrical services


Fully Engineered for quality assurance


Installation manual and instructions included


Remain dimensionally accurate in all seasons, preventing sticking windows and doors.


Designed using the latest CAD technology


BlueScope’s 50 Year Warranty for eligible customers


Up to 60% lighter than timber – speeding up installation

Contact us today to see how our steel wall frames can benefit your next project. Our friendly staff are happy to answer any questions or provide you with an obligation free quote!

Benefits of our steel frames

Ensures structure resistance from fire
Absolute protection against termites
Healthier living with no chemical emissions
Steel moves less during temperature changes

Technical details

Our wall frames are roll formed from hot-dipped Zinc Coated High Tensile Steel that conforms to AS 1397:2011 and AS/NZS 1365:1996 for thickness, width, mechanical properties and coating mass. Our wall frames come in 0.55mm or 0.75mm thickness, using G550, Z150 grade material.

The prefabricated frames are 90mm wide, assembled with rivets and supplied with a plastic membrane on the bottom plate for moisture protection. All our frames also come with pre-cut service holes.


Are Steel framing products easy to install?

Yes. Our Wall Panels and Roof Trusses are light weight and easily handled. They also come labeled for easy identification during installation. Our installation guides and manuals are also supplied with frames and trusses. We are also available for questions should anything come up on site!

Wont Steel Rust?

Steel frames are protected against rust and corrosion by a hot-dipped metallic coating of zinc. All our framing products meet the relevant Australian and Building Code standards. Steel frames have excellent durability - even when cut, the coating still protects the edge.

Have steel frames been proven over time?

Steel framing has been successfully used in housing since the early 1950’s and in recent years has gained in popularity. There are well-known and reputable builders in Australia who recognise the benefits of steel and building steel framed houses.

Do steel frames make noise in temperature changes?

A properly installed frame shouldn’t generate noise and in a well-constructed and insulated home, thermally induced noise is no more likely with steel framing than homes with frames made from other building materials.

Are steel house frames durable?

Yes, they are. TRUECORE® steel with Activate® technology incorporates a thoroughly tested protective aluminium/zinc/magnesium alloy coating. TRUECORE’s patented Activate® coating technology is an important component of BlueScope products installed across a range of environments and building applications. Where there are cut edges from drilling or cutting operations, the galvanic action of the coating protects the exposed steel edge against corrosion.

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Steel frames, flooring and roofing systems for both Residential houses and Commercial buildings.

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